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Thank you for purchasing "LPMobile" for vldPersonals. If you have any questions or you have any ideas of how to improve this theme, let us know. Use contact links below to send us a message.
Please, read carefully prior installation. Below you may find several screenshots which will help you to start off easily and give you some ideas about vldPersonals terminology.


Template Installation

Install vldPersonals. It is recommended to use the latest vldPersonals package.
Unpack downloaded package on your hard drive. There are three folders inside this package: Photoshop Files, Template Files and Documentation. Go to "Template Files" folder - go to the folder with your vldPersonals version (2.5.7 for example) - find your template folder inside this one. Upload "lpmobile" folder into the "templates" folder on your server.
Important: Using your FTP program set the following folder' permissions to 777 - lpmobile/tmp
Now you can login to your vldPersonals Control Panel and go to Settings -> Templates. Install template. Then you may activate it by going to Settings and choose Look and Feel in the dropdown menu.


Edit Custom Settings

LPMobile has unique settings file, which you can edit easily. It gives you more layout options, adds several interesting and useful features.
Open lpmobile/settings.tpl with your favorite plain text editor. Read description for each option. Edit settings. Please, note the syntax. Save settings.tpl and upload it back to your server. Refresh your web site. Changes will be visible immediately. If you don't see any changes go to lpmobile/tmp and delete all files except index.php. Now you may refresh the page.
Important: Do not use MS Word or any other word processor. Use NotePad or TextMate for example.


Change Logo

Open Photoshop Files/logo.psd in Photoshop and edit text layer. Save it as logo.png and place into the "lpmobile/media" folder replacing the original logo.png file.


Useful Information

This template was created to help your visitors with mobile devices to have a better experience while visiting your site.
Several features have been deleted like: videos, audio, events and chat. This template is a perfect base to start off. Only a couple of small images have been used in design, thus it is veery fast and lightweight.
Mobile users usually have only several minutes to check your website, thus it is recommended to delete more features, like winks, picture uploads, profile edit and so on. The faster and easier your mobile website will be, the more useful it will be for your members. It is also recommended to compile your CSS files into one file. You can also compress JavaScript files.



IMPORTANT! Both templates (mobile and regular) must be installed and activated. In Settings -> Look and Feel -> Override members template must be set to NO. System template option must be set to a regular template.
Also, make sure that you set "Can change template" to YES for EACH MEMBER GROUP in your control panel. Settings -> Members Groups -> Look and Feel Privileges.

If you don't a want your members to change their template in Account/Settings, you can remove these lines from account_settings.tpl of your regular & mobile template.
You have several options to redirect your mobile visitors to a mobile version of your website.
1. The easiest way for mobile version is to create a subdomain (For example - m.site.com) which will redirect your visitors to http://www.yoursite.com/?template=lpmobile In this case you will need a link from your your regular template or just let your members know that they can access mobile version using your subdomain.
2. Automatic redirect is available as an extension and is included in this package. It will detect mobile visitors and redirect them to mobile template automatically. You can install it by yourself. Subdomain is optional in this case.
3. Search internet for JavaScript/PHP detection for mobile devices. There are plenty of topics online. You can also check vldPersonals forum as there may be some suggestions there.


Add Custom Texts

There is a welcome text block for guests on the homepage. Create a new custom page with label "homepage_welcome" (no quotation marks) to replace the text.
There is a welcome text block for members on the homepage. Create a new custom page with label "homepage_welcome_in" (no quotation marks) to replace the text.
Important: Make sure you don't have additional coding in the page body when you create custom pages . Click blue HTML button in the editing area and check that there are no extra tags, just text.
If you want to break the line use <br /> tag.



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